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Transport for groups of all sizes in Saariselkä, Inari

Call us when you need a taxi or chartered bus. With over 30 years in the business, Lapin Tunturiliikenne/Pajarin Taksi is the most experienced taxi firm in Saariselkä, Inari. We have been providing reliable and professional transport services since 1988.

Passenger services with a high-quality fleet

We provide taxi and chartered bus services for individuals and small and large groups, for clients such as companies, associations, schoolchildren, sports clubs, and tourist groups. Contact us to travel locally and further afield, based on your own schedule. We drive to destinations such as the local airport, coastal locations on the Arctic Ocean, and Rovaniemi.

In terms of our fleet, we are the largest taxi firm in Inari. We have a wide range of high-end vehicles, including two Mercedes Benz taxis (estate model and limousine), two minibuses and nine chartered buses. Safety is a key issue for us, which is reflected in our fleet. Our vehicles are suitable for Arctic conditions – they remain warm and comfortable even during hard frosts in the harsh conditions of Lapland.

We also take passengers aurora hunting, taxis&buses, we were the first company in Saariselkä to participate in Northern Lights excursions (in 1991). You can book trips with us to destinations such as the airport, Norway or Rovaniemi.

Excellent taxi service based on long experience

We are a reliable and professional transport company with a long history. Our first taxi services began in 1988, based on which we expanded into chartered bus services in 2006. Nowadays, we provide flexible services, meeting a broad range of needs for private customers and groups of all sizes. Our skilled drivers will ensure that you reach your destination smoothly and in comfort. 

We have experienced and trained drivers who are used to driving every day on ice and our challenging roads, even in Arctic conditions. Our vehicles perform excellently in freezing weather. Our vehicles remain warm and comfortable even during the hard frosts and harsh conditions of Lapland.
They have been inspected for commercial use and are fully insured for carrying passengers.

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We drive from Saariselkä in Inari to destinations like the local airport, and to Norway.